Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Krieg banned from Racing Fire Danger!!!

I know the world is concerned about North Korea and Iran. But I have to think my bike racing has raised some eyebrows over in Washington. The flames and smoke have been intense at times. When I "BLOW UP" I really "BLOW UP."
I have to think the heat waves sweeping the nation have been triggered by the flames coming from under my hood during most crits and road races. The letters DNF have been synonymous with Krieg as of late. Still riding great just can't keep the radiator cool. Smokie the Bear stopped by last week and asked if I would consider ending my season. With fire danger at an all time high, and most of California covered in flames I might just have to hang up the bike and wait till cyclocross season starts.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

KAREN wins Yellow and Mark and I get stuffed@nats

Well Karen won MT. HOOD. Pretty darn COOL. The only Jersey I will ever get that is yellow I will have to buy. She won the TT by over a minute with 50 riders in her field. SICK.

I was in the hospital racking up a $2800 bill with food poisoning. It was splendid! I was so skinny I would have just ripped legs off for at least 2 minutes before my glycogen stores would have been depleted.
Well Mark SANTA pulled off top 3 at Elkhorn and I limped in for 8th. Justin Mayfield went on the JACKY D.. Break away. DAMN almost made it. 92 miles before they got caught. It was like 100 degrees they must have been in hell.

After getting dropped at Gate City TWICE.... Which my wife won by the way.

I went on to nationals and got in an early move that actually stuck and ended up 2nd with mark coming in for 3rd. I had a great TimeTrial but the guy who started 3 minutes behind me caught me. DUDE he was so fast. 3 minutes Just when I thought I was riding well he had to stuff in my face I am not that fast.