Friday, May 26, 2006

ICE wins at T-Point

With ICE in most of the Moves at T-Point and Mark Santa almost taking the long break to the line, it was Poki local Stu taking the sprint for a solid first day at the 1st annual T-Point Stage race.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Holt Crit season Begins

2006 Local Crits
Huge turnout tons of riders and FAST. Pretty cool night. I have to say the "B" race took the cake for action. Tons of moves and it was strung from the beginning to end. The last corner looked like it was almost time to call the ambulance but Justin Brady through some divine intervention kept it upright like a PRO. After his tire blew and the dust settled we all were quite happy that no one hit the ground. The "A" race saw Jason Montgomery and Justin Kline house the others riders with an early attack that lead to almost a 1 minute gap. Fear of being lapped crept in and we all started taking some pulls. Great rides were had by most and excuses pretty much took care of any other poor result.

Here is K-RUN closing down a gap in the STRUNG out field

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bear Lake

100 miles and 2 laps of racing. CONGRATS TO MARC YAPP THE DUDE FLEW IN AND WON THE BEAR. What a great result.
Wow that was a hard 100 miles. Nothing would stick. I didn't try super glue, but I used a whole role of Duck Tape and damn. At about mile 70 or so a break finally got up the road and never came back. Just 48 seconds at first and then we beat eachother to a PULP and nothing else went up the road. Some riders went back but nothing went up. WIND! 2nd lap was a head wind on all four sides(can't explain it) I have to say that Chuck Collins(ice) ZAN and Gary(autolive) just impressed the heck out of me. They raced there brains out and kept the field rolling fast when no one wanted to pedal. CHUCK just killed it all day. He was the man on the 2nd lap just rolling. He made a small spit and stayed away for a top 10 I think. I laughed as I got dropped rolling to the line. I had nothing left. I left every watt on the course and I can say I haven't raced that hard for long time.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Not much snow left

Jason M. rippin it at the end of a 20 minute climb on scout. Local TT series is over and no Dave Z from Salt Lake. i thought he would come up and take the crown. I guess the Giro started. Better places to be. FInally summer is here and we can ride without leg warmers. Everyone is doing Hunters "cyclingpeaks" Spring Plan so its pretty fun to go out and train as a group. Uphill TT start on WED. Should make for some BIG hurt.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


2 bad days and 2 long breakaways (2 many good riders) lead to one really hard stage race. THANKS TO SCARF FOR THE YO(11)! ON THE WCS Stem> no joke I can't look down without wanting to go off the front. Here is ART killing me on the climb... I am the guy in BLUE ZIGGIN AND ZAGGIN BEHIND> LOOK how far the VALLEY FLOOR about 4000ft below. Pete K(ogden one) climbed like a angel and Art brought some horsepower to this stage!

Well the GILA GOT ugly. To many good guys showed up and hurt my chances of a decent GC. I was pretty upset that so many good riders want to come and compete. What is going on here.. I know they call it a race and give out $$$ but damn. SO fast hard.... I wanted to end the season after the 2nd Stage. Listed all I own on Ebay but no one took the bait. People thought it was joke. It was my cry for help and all they could do is laugh and Chant Ebay as I rode the climb in the CRIT. Every Lap I heard it from the Vitamen Cottage riders"Go Ebay" It didn't help but I survived the next few stages with 2 mega escape attempts both about 100+ minutes of riding into some pretty un-forgiving wind. About 1.5 miles from the line on Stage 3 we were brought back and at the TOP of the GILA monster on Stage 5. Well heck I tried. I didn't have much to loose and I certainly felt like a bike racer .