Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I can't take a punch..

you should see the other guy !

First off..... I am fresh off watching the "UFC" fight night so I have to say I am a bit more jacked up than normal. I love to watch the fights even though I have never...never...never...thrown a punch before. My future as a fighter looks pretty that I know I have a glass chin.

So I headed off to the dog park to get the pups a little exercise when "WHAM"... I got slugged...My knees buckled and I fell to the grass. I am not kidding. I just collapsed.

I couldn't see for a few seconds. It was crazy... At first I didn't even know what hit me.
I have never been punched in the face before. For those of you who haven't either, take it from me...DAMN it hurts. I had water running out of my eyes and nose, and blood running down my chin.
As I was picking myself off the ground a car stopped to ask if I was OK. I had a hard time just speaking to the driver.

At this point you have to be asking yourself "who hit sam"

I know I was!

What is funny was that I had no idea. I had some Rocky flashbacks...of when Mr. T just leveled him...

I solved the mystery pretty quick.

THE "CHUCK IT" I had it loaded with a SOLID rubber tennis ball that my dogs can't destroy.

When my big arms let it rip....The ChuckIT pivoted in my palm...the solid ball didn't release.... so with my arm fully extended, and at full power this seemingly safe toy....pivoted in my hand and hit me square in the jaw..... like a 5 Pound RUBBER full speed.
The ball was frozen into the ChuckIT. I had left it in the car overnight and the slobber must have frozen it to the plastic.
The leverage of the Chuckit and the ball...just slugged me!
I have to say I have never felt anything like that before. The taste of the dog slobber and blood is still embedded in my taste buds.

Just when you feel you are safe in Pocatello, ID "The Smile Capital of the World"
You end up getting assaulted by a dog toy.