Thursday, September 21, 2006

Performance Manager chart Cycling Peaks

K-runs performance manager chart. Pretty sweet. With a 2 minute faster TT at HOOD, a Great TT at Gate city, and One Great PR TT test unfortunately 1 week earlier than she wanted it. Well the human body isn't perfect,

Monday, September 18, 2006

Cross and training

back at it
4 by 10's at 330 watts not bad for first time on the road bike in 6 weeks
still riding the mtn bike and getting ready for cross. I have to say I have lost sleep thinking about racing again. A few months off will do that. Just loving it. Out riding Sat. got caught in some snow pretty cool for Sept 16th. Bike bags are ready to roll.. here is a pic


Tip of the Week
Ok, so Joe Friel's training bible has a few written "tests" to help a person evaluate his/her strengths/weaknesses on the bike, and regarding motivation. They are probably worth your time, as they give a little more insite about yourself. But nobody is prescribing this written exercise to racers. This is a good one. Read it all the way through before starting.
Get a pen and a piece of paper. Sit down.
Write out everything that you would do if you quit being a bike racer today. You should write down anything and everything that you would do if you just said, "To hell with it!"....and never ever pinned on another number.
Would you remodel your house? Travel? join the peace corps? Rob a bank? Get a high paying job? See your family? Party more?
To take the pressure off your mind, you have to see all the alternatives available in life.
I went through this process once, and my head is so crystal clear now. For me, we are just little creatures on a very big planet, in a very big universe. Does it matter if you're fast on your bike? Probably not. But is it a helluva lot of fun to push your own limits and constantly seek out more training knowledge to see major gains in watts year after year? Yes. This is a fun sport. It's a fun process. It's like zen. You improve every detail you can easily control in your training, because once the racing starts there is really very little within your control.
If you want to quit cycling, quit. There are a million other wonderful paths you could choose in your life. Cycling is a fun one. But so is joining the peace corps. So is learning about things that are interesting.
If you can quit cycling for a day, and write down everything that you would do otherwise - and STILL come back to it - you know you are ready to be a bike racer. If not, then don't be a bike racer - or take a year off. We live in a big world, and there are countless amazing things you can explore in your life.
Cycling just happens to be an engrossing hobby, but there is not a law or decree telling you that you must race your bike. Don't forget that. And don't put too much pressure on yourself - you'll race better and feel better. .

Saturday, September 09, 2006