Tuesday, December 19, 2006

CX nats what a ride

CX nats.. The course was perfect and I didn't have any mishaps. I had great legs and had just stellar rides both days. All the guys in front of me were just better. I had a bit of struggle in a few of the corners but overall I just couldn't have asked anymore or myself
The elite race on Saturday was just mega!! One of the coolest hours of my life. I raced a lap with Horner!! So cool. I even thought of passing him on the run-up but the dude was flying. I started back in the cheap seats 60th.. Moved my way up to 30th by the end! That is a great ride for me. So many great riders and so many great spectators. It was just so cool to take part in the event! To just be on the course with that many great riders was Richter. I can hardly wait till 07' TONS of Utah/Id riders killed it. Kris Walker was 2nd, Chris Piertizak pulled off 2nd and almost was the mail man. Art Oc' had a solid ride but after his 2nd last year it is hard to top that. Richard Feldman won !!! That guy can roll.
I have to say that UT and ID have some great riders.
We are all chasing a dream...I am sure we will all be back next year.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jingle cross rock

John the next "Cutter"

$13,000 in cash and prizes for cross!! What a great race weekend. Only a few big hitters and a ton of local talent. I flew back to race in Iowa and see some family and friends. I raced in Ben's old skin suit and had Lefler Schwin racers from years past screaming on the huge run up. I had a blast. my dad and brother got to see me race and I was able to pull of a 6th and a 5th. My oldest brother John took a lap on the course in his jeans and I thought for sure we were watching the birth of a new Cutter. Wait till next year when he brings is bike with a snow blower motor on it."not kidding"
Can't wait to go back next year.
Gina Appleby( my niece) came out for her first Kids race and took 6th in an impressive field of what looked like 100 kids. They even had to do the barriers. She loved it. First female across the the line!!! I have to say another cross racer was born.

Race Report from Cyclocross world


Monday, December 04, 2006

ogden cross

well i got smoked! but had a fun time in the snow. nationals in 10 days hopefully no ice ..just some good mud and grass and I will do OK