Sunday, August 05, 2007

"ALL ABOARD"Gas Prices coming down and still out of Gas

With gas prices falling.... I find that my tank is still empty.
Huntsville 100 and Chalk Creek have beaten me down. So hard..... I find myself wanting to list all of my cycling STUFF on Ebay again. Watch for the ad!!! I have to take my hat off to "NORM" for just riding a stellar performance at Chalk Creek. He was the only guy really driving the break away for 50+ miles, and then just dropped us who were sitting in to solo the last 40-50 miles. In ended with a puke fest on the side of the road(BUT that took a huge set of balls)

Now on to Huntsville. With Gardie on the SUPER "Jacky D" solo effort early, and IRA in the early move. "All" we had to do was SURVIVE the LOUDER ATTACK, and all would be OK. I found myself unable to hold on and was quickly popped out the rear. Sorry for opening that gap.
I (was/am) truly bummned. I felt I had dropped the ball. I was pegged.. No excuses here .....that is all I had. I wish I had more, but I just couldn't ride any harder.

The rest of the climb Alex Rock and I were able to pick up and pass some of the carnage from the train wreck ahead on the climb. As the steam engine rolled on we were able to see the puffing smoke and small explosions ahead as riders jumped from the train. It looked like Jeff put on the brakes a bit to slow down as he approached the summit. We got within 30 seconds...... It might as well have been 30 minutes...we didn't have tickets to the Louder Express....

The rest of the race was spent in LIMBO. We had 2 guys up the road. was silly to chase since we obviously couldn't hang with the Engines up the road. Some guys wanted to chase... and others of us just wanted to get back to the car. To me the race was up the road. No real way to get across...Because if that was possible I/WE would have hung on the climb. Now the race was for best of the rest. It made sence to me to just do some work and get Bryson and Turbo to the line. THE MONEY was only 3 deep and that was already decided. It was a pretty FUN last 10 K. Lots of attacks. Ryan ended up taking the sprint...I was impressed I could hardly turn the pedals at the finish line.

Overall it was a great ride...I definitely have some training to do before CX.