Friday, March 30, 2007

6 days I WANNA GO FAST!..ricky bobby

Just finished the Ricky Bobby movie. If you haven't seen it..... Well you are missing probably the best movie ever...Except Highlander.
79 DAYS DOWN!!!!!! 6 days to go..... not sure how many hours or minutes that is, but I am definitely ready to get out of this brace. It really hasn't been that bad. In some ways it has been pretty cool. I have been killing the StairMaster(level 17-20). I pretty much just ramp till I have to close my eyes and spit on myself. I am not sure if the Olympics in Beijing
will have StairMaster as an event, but if they do I will certainly be ready to bring home some some serious medals. Seriously if you haven't tried level 20.... give it a rip next time you are at the gym.
So Thursday is the DAY. 9:30 am............. That is when I get to pull off the brace. I think the only bummer is..... I don't really get to stop wearing it. I get to begin phasing it out slowly. Alex Urfer takes over on Friday for the Physical Therapy. I haven't bent my core in 79 days. That is going to be weird.
check it out.... we are finally making and selling bike bags. The bags look pretty rad.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

21 days to go


It should be 19 days but my doctor will be on vacation for 2 days past my due date. 48 extra hours of healing!!!!!!!

I almost cried. So the date is now the 5th of April. So after 63 days as a NINJA turtle I still have 21 to go. Not so bad.

I did get the thumbs up to kill the stairmaster at the GYM so watch out. I have been doing 60 minutes of climbing on it and can barely walk home after I fry my Quads.

It feels good to sweat and with the Jet Fuel from the JURA I can roll. Getting excited about getting out this spring with my dogs for a run. I don't think it will be fast..... but...... if I can go fast enough to feel like part of the pack "that would be just fine"