Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Riding in Idaho in the winter

Riding in Idaho in November. Well its definitely not Florida but great practice for Cross. I was as frozen as the bike when I got home. I think I will ride inside for the rest of the winter.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

50 Killed 20 Injured...Lawsuits and Animal Rights..Sam's CX season(P.E.T.A)


Looks like the Democrats took over the Senate... NOT sure what they can do for me this cross season. With huge social issues to address, and what is going on in Iraq.... I hope they can take some time on capital hill to amend the constitution to stop riders from bunny hopping barriers..... I will have P.E.T.A at the next race. The casualties were high this past weekend at Wheeler. My numbers aren't official but on Average I have Bart and Sagar killing 2 bunnies per lap. That is almost 40 total over the course of the race. This doesn't include practice laps. Rumors are flying about this coming weekends race. With all the "big hitters" back in town for the state race the casualties could go into the 100's. Ali, Bart, Chris, Sagar, Thomas, and all other hoppers have been warned. The camera doesn't lie. And the Bunnies are Armed!
Many lawsuits are now pending on behalf of the injured and the relatives of the dead. This weekends race will be attended by the "Black Hairs" the bunny version of the Black Panthers. Race Promoter be warned...The body count is in his hands... he can stop it now or live with the countless body bags of our little friends. I hope Matt looses a bit of sleep over this...I have a feeling he has a soft spot in his heart for the little fuzzy guys.

Photo's by Dave Iltis.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sun Valley State CX's

Ok that was some Cross this weekend.
Cody Peterson Killed it.BOTH DAYS!!!

Chris Pierterzak and Feldman were right up there both days. I was a far back 4th just trying to eat the scraps. Great EVENT!! We had 35 guys in the A's on Saturday and they had like 49 in the B's That is huge for CX in Idaho.