Thursday, October 04, 2007

Vegas CX and Intebike

What an epic week. Interbike was 7 days of travel...little sleep... and a small little bike race call Vegas Cross. Now that Cyclocross season is in full gear it was pretty cool to KICK it off in vegas. Elvis was at the race turning the LAP cards and giving podium kisses. The field of riders looked more like the red carpet of celebrity bike racing. The TOP 20 riders were a solid mix of D-3 Pro's and a few riders ranked Top 10 in the world. My chances to get a Kiss from Elvis were slim to none. I did manage to grab some cash during the race from the crazy race fans. When the dust settled I was SOAKED in beer from head to toe. Every lap they were tossing it on us on the Run-up. After the race I headed to the craps table and by 3 am I had won more money than Trebon for his win of the race. I guess I have to take it when I can get it.Notice the K seat bag.