Tuesday, May 09, 2006


2 bad days and 2 long breakaways (2 many good riders) lead to one really hard stage race. THANKS TO SCARF FOR THE YO(11)! ON THE WCS Stem> no joke I can't look down without wanting to go off the front. Here is ART killing me on the climb... I am the guy in BLUE ZIGGIN AND ZAGGIN BEHIND> LOOK how far the VALLEY FLOOR about 4000ft below. Pete K(ogden one) climbed like a angel and Art brought some horsepower to this stage!

Well the GILA GOT ugly. To many good guys showed up and hurt my chances of a decent GC. I was pretty upset that so many good riders want to come and compete. What is going on here.. I know they call it a race and give out $$$ but damn. SO fast ...so hard.... I wanted to end the season after the 2nd Stage. Listed all I own on Ebay but no one took the bait. People thought it was joke. It was my cry for help and all they could do is laugh and Chant Ebay as I rode the climb in the CRIT. Every Lap I heard it from the Vitamen Cottage riders"Go Ebay" It didn't help but I survived the next few stages with 2 mega escape attempts both about 100+ minutes of riding into some pretty un-forgiving wind. About 1.5 miles from the line on Stage 3 we were brought back and at the TOP of the GILA monster on Stage 5. Well heck I tried. I didn't have much to loose and I certainly felt like a bike racer .