Monday, August 24, 2009

Back in the saddle

What a killer road season. Heck the best I have ever had. I went to the Laboratory mixed in a few new ingredients and WHAM... some great things happened. I have been riding a ton and am more amped than ever.
I am almost done riding 23c tires for 2009, and have started gluing up some DUGAST, fango, and a set of file tread Grifos. Cross season 2010 is here! Damn I am stoked. I have been killing it on the bike. Yep.. I just said it. I have been training like mad. So if I suck... i guess I suck. No excuses this cross season. I am going to have the highest damn CTL I can handle. I have 1 goal. Masters Nationals CX. I have gotten Top 10... 4 times. This year I want to win it. I have no idea if that is going to happen, but I know I will have the fitness and if everything goes right... I will have a shot. I have never had the fitness to close the deal. The year Pieterzak almost WON... I was 6th but I wasn't even close in my mind. Last year 4th.... but heck it might as well have been 40th... I couldn't get across to ALI and BEN Macaroni was a ringer. That course was perfect for me and I still couldn't make it happen. So do I even really have a chance in BEND this year? I guess we will see. It won't be for lack of effort. I will bring a big stick. Normally I always find someone shows up with one that is bigger. I can hardly wait to see.
I was surfing the net and found a link to a post I wrote a few years ago... read this!
I finished reading it and did a few sit-ups and ran around the block a few times. Damn... 10pm... I want to ride now... but i need to sleep... so I am off to bed. I will be up at 5... on the bike at 6-9.. so if you want to come crush it in my basement on the trainer feel free to stop by.